Welcome to Xtreme Hobby!

This website is dedicated to the miniature gaming hobby that we all enjoy.  It's focus is that of Science Fiction gaming in the areas of Mecha and Starship Combat.  Within this website you will find a host of useful links, scenarios, fiction, reviews and tutorials.

First and foremost of these is Cold Navy, a starship miniature line that was formerly produced by us.  Now under the talented direction of Ravenstar Studios, we will provide you with the latest news, works in progress and continue to bring you the Cold Navy Universe that many have enjoyed.

So, come on in, make yourself comfortable and have a great time with us!


12, MAY, 2010-

Holy Crap- DEISHO!

Click HERE to see!

26, APRIL, 2010-

I know you've all have been waiting a long time.  Good things do come to those who wait!

I have some fantastic news for you!  Ravenstar Studios is close to officially releasing their line of Cold Navy ships.  And, to add icing onto this delicious cake, they're releasing several new designs!

Click HERE to find out more!

28, JANUARY, 2008-

Got some great news on the Cold Navy front that you Deisho fans will be very much interested in!


24, DECEMBER, 2007-

Firstly, I want to wish each and every one of you a fantastic holiday and new year.  Be safe out there. If you're going to drink, please, don't drive.

On the news front, as many of you know, Ravenstar Studios has acquired the license to produce and expand the Cold Navy line of miniatures.  I'm very excited about this as Chris Lynch is a fantastic talent that has produced some of the most beautiful Star Trek The Next Generation -esque models I've seen.  In fact, I own several of his works.  You'll also be excited to see that he has lots of Battlestar Galactica miniatures which look awesome.  If you've not checked them out, you're missing out on some great starship miniatures!

Now, what does this all mean for me?  Well, Joe Knight, who is working with Chris on Cold Navy has asked that I further sculpt ships for them and continue this website as a fansite/ portal site for Cold Navy.  I heartily agreed as I felt that this was a great chance to make things up to you, the fans of Cold Navy, by helping Ravenstar bring Cold Navy back to you and grow it even more.

Ravenstar works in resin, so, you will see our ships in lightweight resin as opposed to metal.  I think this is a good move as resin, being lightweight is easier to base (which has been a sore spot for Cold Navy since its creation).  Resin is also easier to work with, filing and cutting resin is easier that metal.  Sure, you lack the heft of a metal miniature, but, let's face it- heft is good for WarMachine and CAV, not for a starship precariously balanced on a plastic flight base.

My first order of business is a fresh new website.  Well...  Not new per se.  But, you will notice a LOT of changes.  Gone is the eStore.  No, we will not be selling any items from this website.  This website is dedicated solely to promoting our hobby through literature not sales.  Cold Navy will be able to be purchased through the Ravenstar Studios' website directly.  For Pig Iron Productions, I encourage you to visit Neal at the Warstore.  Neal is an awesome guy with a head for this hobby.  His customer service is unrivaled.  Rattlehead Games, who formerly carried our Cold Navy also has Pig Iron Productions in addition to a great selection of science fiction miniatures for you to enjoy.

Further changes will include a developers blog, for me to use as a sounding board to offer you, the fans, a sneak peak at what's going on with Cold Navy and other 3d sculpting endeavors that I'm taking up.  Also on the docket are tutorials like painting tips and workbench projects.  These may not necessarily be Cold Navy as my interests varies like everyone's.

I'm still looking into a safe and secure message board function.  Those available tend to cost money.  I'm working on it and we should see one back up and running for everyone rather soon.

Again, I hope everyone's holiday is a enjoyable one and I will see you all again very soon.